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● About Hardware
Time Attendance System
The BFLEX devices can work as Time Attendance System without any other extra parts . It works stand alone.
And All the BFLEX devices can support communication to the PC by RS232 or RS485 or TCPIP . So when you order the BFLEX, you should confirm the config what you need.( some project will not use TCPIP ,so you can order the device without TCPIP module , it will save the cost for you)
Access Controller System
All the BFLEX devices can support Access Controller System.
● About Software
We BFLEX developed the application software by ourselves since 10 years ago . What we can do more for you is on the customization services.
So when you have any requirements, pls feel free to contact with us.
● Download Center
BFLEX FpAttend software Ver3.17.29 (last updated day: 2016-03-13) ( 17.5M)
User manual for FpAttend software Ver.3.17.29 (FpAttend.pdf)
1, why the software poped out the Error message suddenly since 2016-03-03
Lots of the end user email us that they faced the problem after 2016-03-03 after they update their windows system, the Error message show that "Failed to load control 'ImageList' from MSCOMCTL.OCX. Your version of MSCOMCTL.OCX may be outdated." .
Now you should downlaod the new version of BFLEX software to update it. The reason is that the NEW updated windows closed the API way to fix the MSCOMCTL.OCX ,which we are used.
2, The device can not work when plug in the power
Firstly, you should check the adapter; the most reason is on the power adapter.
If the power is right, please check the connector of the port.
If you check everything is ok, and the device still cannot work or cannot be turned on, you can try to press the [POWER ON] BUTTON, or the [RESET] BUTTON.
3, The device has no response when the finger press on the sensor
The most reason is that the finger is too cold and too dryness. You should keep the finger wetness and warm. Our biometrics arithmetic will verify only life finger. So if the finger is too cold or too dryness, the system will match it as the lifeless finger, so the device will has no response when the finger is too cold or too dryness. And in the winter, the weather is very cool and very dryness, so please keep the finger warm and wetness, and then press your finger with more little pressure, It will be ok.
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