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● Company introduction

BFLEX Automated System Co. Ltd is a high-tech company concentrating in developing,producing and selling Biometrics and RFID identification products.
We pay great attention to the biometrics and security products, with the core of Biometric technology, We design such as Fingerprint Access Control, Fingerprint Time Attendance, Fingerprint Door Lock, Fingerprint OEM Module,security system and the SAFE Box Module etc.
At the same time, we set ourselves to do Research and Development on other Biometrics technology, especially relevant products on the market.
So in the past years, we had built the good relation with our agents around all the world. All of them can get the best services from us. And even on some special projects, they can get the customization services within a few days till they succeed to close their project on time. That's why lots of the agents do working with BFLEX together.

● Enterprise Culture

At the aim to provide Biometric identification products and services to global clients at the best performance,we BFLEX had done continuously to make great efforts and to persist in innovation.With high sense of responsibility in the daily work, all our staff depend on each other to fulfill your requirements.
Nothing is impossible

● Goals and Strategies

Located in the known ZhangJiang Hi-Tech Park, SHANGHAI,CHINA, we BFLEX are making great efforts to improve the market on the Fingerprint Biometrics Products. Our objective is to provide innovative and contemporary practical systems and solutions that utilize advanced biometric technologies.
BFLEX aims to offers superior biometric hardware, software and service solutions to all customers around the world.
Therefore, our development strategy is that we extensively absorb the latest biometrical technology around the world and to make full use of the advantages of ShangHai to set up our own characteristics.
At the same time, we also devote much material resources to do our independent R&D and innovation to construct original core technology to attract the customers.

● CEO Speech

Welcome to BFLEX.
For years, BFLEX has been concentrating in biometric identification industry. Our mission is to dedicate to establish ourself as a major power in this global industry. We believe that there is no best only better. So, we are making rapid progress in our technology and service .
Now BFLEX has become a more and more reputed manufacturer of fingerprint biometric products including Fingerprint attendance systems, access control reader, door lock and so on. Bflex couldn't achieve such great development without the support from all clients, suppliers and friends. On behalf of all Bflex employees, I would like to convey my thanks to all of you!
Better technology and service are our targets; Innovation and excellence are our pursuit. Our strength is to combine them and to extend to all.
Looking ahead with a global vision, we are facing new opportunities and challenges but all of us will carry on our enterprise faith, strive harder to bring more value for clients.
BFLEX will hold on and win a promising tommorrow.


CEO, BFLEX ,September, 2009
● Our Clients

After years’ hardwork,we BFLEX not only have built our won brand popularity but also extended our exports to more than 50 countries and regions such as Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific etc. BFLEX brand has been one of the representative brands in international biometric industry.
At the same time, we actively widen the Domestic market in China, now we have the distribution network in many cities . Our headquarter and the factory locate in Shanghai, the most developed and high-tech city in Eastern China.

● Our Team

BFLEX started several years ago formed by a team of fingerprint engineers who are passionate about their work.
Now, this team has enlarged to include the executives,R&D engineers,sales, marketing specialists and manufacture staff . We BFLEX team is distinguished by proving outstanding services in the biometric industry. All our staff are dominant and devote themselves to the development of our company. We’re proud of our team.

Manufactory team Managers team Marketing Team


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